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Hannover Symposium on Vivid Rhetoric in the New Testament

September 24–26, 2018, Hannover Germany hosted by Dr. Nils Neumann, Professor for Biblical Studies at the Institute for Theology and Religious Studies, Protestant Theology

During the past years Rhetorical Criticism of the Bible has not only focused on rational means of persuasion in the biblical texts but has also started to acknowledge the significance of vivid descriptions and the hearers’ imagination as an important factor in explaining early Christian communication. Vivid resp. visual rhetoric is a topos in ancient rhetorical literature. The Greek and Latin writers of rhetorical handbooks often use the terms ἐνάργεια/evidentia („vividness“) and ἔκφρασις/demonstratio („vivid description”) in the presentations of their theories. Recent exegetical studies have proved the fruitfulness of this rhetorical background in order to understand New Testament passages from the Gospels, the Pauline letters and from Revelation in a more extensive way.

The purpose of the Hannover Symposium is to bring together scholars who have contributed to this field of research. The papers will explore possible applications of the approach and in interpreting different New Testament and early Christian writings also demonstrate the range of texts that make use of vivid rhetoric.

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